Download free WP Secure Links WordPress plugin v1.1

WP Secure Links v1.2 is a WordPress Plugin that helps you offer downloads safely and securely. The Download Links created by “WP Secure Links” cannot be copied or distributed. You can create a download area on a WordPress Page or Post. A short tag in the WordPress editor helps you add secure links to downloadable files.

WP Secure Links is the WordPress version of my other product “Secure Download Links” and contains essentially all features of “Secure Download Links” and much more.

?WP Secure Links? Applications

To protect downloadable product links accessible through your membership section or download area from being shared through other webpages.
To Protect free downloadable product links from being shared through a webpage other than yours so that all users who want to download your product come to your webpage.
To prevent sharing of links to paid downloads at social networking websites, forums and from other unauthorized webpages.
To offer downloads for files stored on another server as if it was on your own server.

Secure download links script is user friendly and does not hamper or restrict authorized download attempts in any way. WP Secure Links lets you control access to the downloadable file to selected users or user roles. It integrates seamlessly with your WordPress website or blog and fits in your website?s layout and flow.

WP Secure Links – Main Features

Secure Downloads through your WordPress based Website/ Blog Pages and Posts.
User Friendly and Easily Customizable.
Several Security Measures Ensuring File Security
File name and Download URL not disclosed.
Download URLS cannot be shared by any means
Downloads available through your download area, membership area or webpage only.
This script works well with files placed on another server.
Optional Username and User Role based control of downloadable files.

WP Secure Links v1.2 – WordPress Plugin Changelog

split too long shortcode form in 2 and corrected download pane freezing issue in case of big files

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