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YITH WooCommerce Tab Manager Premium v1.1.17 – Have you ever made online purchases whit the unpleasant feeling of not being able to find quickly that information you want so much? This is because the product page you were looking at was not effective. And what would you think if I told you that everything can be solved with YITH WooCommerce Tab Manager?
When we make a purchase, we are always demanding: we want to be sure that what we are going to buy is the right product. YITH WooCommerce Tab Manager lets you appraise the default product pages and their contents, allowing you to hugely customize following your needs. Manufacturer’s details, a specifying gallery, video tutorials, additional files to download (like PDF manuals)… there is no limit to the content you can add in these tabs, even a map about how to reach your physical store! In addition, thanks to YITH WooCommerce Tab Manager you will be able to create a tab for every product, the best solution to show a possible offer, a warning or, why not, give a particular emphasis on a product that you know it will be buy easily. In this way, you will both actualize the purchases, and your users will feel more positive about what they will buy.

YITH WooCommerce Tab Manager Premium v1.1.17 Changelog

v1.1.17 – Released on Feb 22, 2017
Fix: Issue on save items in download tabs
Update: Plugin Framework

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